Personal Spa Opera

90 minutes, in person $222



Come experience a lavishing of sound, frequency, and rejuvenation in the Goddess Sophia healing studio where Mary uses her chimes, tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls and bells, and her voice to clear, balance and soothe your energy. In conclusion, a beautiful rose tea and fruit will be served, along with a coinciding oracle card reading. 

Experiencers of a personal spa opera have this to say: 

"Through Mary’s voice and healing hands I was taken on the most amazing journey of healing I have ever experienced." ~ Cindy Anne

"Mary Lydia Ryan's healing energy that came during the sound bathing and music she gave to me initiated some dreams in the following days and weeks that were truly amazing. But when the color green appeared as I bathed in sound and healing during her session with me and my husband, I knew that the visual side of my brain was connecting with the other parts to heal by coming together. Compartmentalizing my mind became such a habit, and this process reconnected my brain neurons, and then came the dreams and feelings of healing.  Thank you, Mary Lydia, for such deep experiences.  I must say, also, that physically, I felt renewed, too, and it seems my immune system began fighting with more strength.  But, the emotional healing, oh my, it was wonderful beyond words. A painting of sound, green and beautiful." ~ Kevin

"One of the things I appreciate the most about Mary, and which lends her even more credibility as an intuitive practitioner, is that she has the integrity to strive to be the clearest channel she can.  If she's unsure about whether the guidance she's getting is colored by her own filters, she'll readily share that, which empowers her clients to use their own intuition.  Her desire to be truthful and humble actually makes her even more spot-on and accurate than most of the readings I receive from others.  She is a true Empath." ~ Eryn


You will receive all the love and care from Mary with this basic lavishing of sound to soothe, clear, and balance your energy field.

Individual Intuitive Mentoring

60 minutes $111

In person or remote sessions

One has the option to begin with an oracle card reading and proceed from what arises, or simply allowing Mary to tap into your energy as you set the tone by bringing in your most pressing questions. Reading symbols, feeling into messages coming in from your own guides, checking in on your energy centers, Mary is able to help you find clarity and peace in your quest. 


"Mary Lydia Ryan, one of the most genuine, authentic and loving persons I know, is nothing but passionate about the work she does and the gifts she is blessed with. My time with her has pulled me out of some of the darkest of my days and gave me tools to a new perspective on how to visualize and live my life." ~ Shannon

Unique to You

Mary offers uniquely crafted experiences built to your needs as an individual or for your group.