Ryan is elegant and graceful with a voice that rises to dizzying heights.” - Tom Scanlon

— The Seattle Times

TEDx Seattle, 2019. "Mary Lydia brings a great bounty of original healing music and ambiance to any gathering." ~ J.S.

Short Bio

Mary Lydia Ryan, critically acclaimed vocalist, pianist, composer, creator of Spa Opera® utilizes her musical, mystical and spiritual gifts to support, uplift, and encourage the unique magnificence in individuals to be called forth. As seen and heard on Seattle and worldwide stages: TEDx, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, One World Music Radio, (to name a few), and through group and individual sound transmission sessions, Mary’s aim is to bring greater light and consciousness evolution to our world.

Press Photos

Photo credit: Aniline Toxic

TEDx Seattle 2019; Photo credit: Gudmundur Ibsen

Sample Tracks