Mermaids & Marigolds

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Twin Peaks Nutrition & Wellness Center, 111 W. North Bend Way, North Bend, WA 98045

Twin Peaks Nutrition & Wellness Center, Local Glob'All, and Spa Opera™ bring you: "Mermaids & Marigolds", an evolutionary musical fairytale written and performed by Seattle's Mary Lydia Ryan, incorporating a collaborative magical journey through food, sound, frequency, and love along with North Bend's Local Glob'All.

Spa Opera™ by Mary Lydia Ryan is a living musical experience designed to calm and rejuvenate your senses and soul. Drawing upon her musical and intuitive capabilities, her love of nature, and all things mystical, Mary custom builds each Spa Opera™ to suit the environment in which it will take place, and with the aim to uplift, nurture and inspire all in attendance.

Local Glob’All presents vibrant, nutritional gatherings. When you choose to explore our mindfully created, sexy food, you nurture a healthier relationship with your inner nature. Our environment will thank you; your body will love you and you will evolve. When you choose this extraordinary meeting of all your senses, you will feel the resonance of an evolutionary experience.

On Saturday, October 1st from 6 - 9 pm PST you will be bathed in love through food, sound, frequency, and musical journeying. Plant based, whole foods and beverage created with pure love and nutrition will be served along with stories of the food and significance of the particular ingredients and flavors, followed by a mystical, musical, magical telling of human and other-worldly stories; concluding with a luscious dessert to complete your experiential palate.

  • Seating is first come, first served mats and cushions and light blankets for attendees to enjoy a fully immersive experience. One row of chairs are available for those not wanting to lie down.