One Heart One Earth One Year Anniversary

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One Heart One Earth

I am so honored to participate in the one-year anniversary of the One Heart One Earth Global Collaboration. This year we are celebrating our brand-new initiative:

One Heart One Earth Global Healing Network (OHOE) The purpose of our network is to re-invent the way we think of conscious television.
One Heart One Earth is a collaborative effort with practitioners from across the Globe. Our mission is to create a Resource of Light that is accessible to everyone who feels called to connect. Our network of conscious YouTube channels will serve as a vehicle for the teachings of teachers and the Grace of the Masters. I have come together with a network of Earth Angels to support Global Ascension and ‘uplift humanity one byte at a time’. From March 26th- March 28th the OHOE community is coming together for three days of LIVE interaction. We will share healing, astrology, readings, discuss teachings of Great Beings and celebrate the Full Moon. I am asking for your PARTICIPATION in this beautiful event.
1. Join our Global Network by subscribing to ALL of our YouTube channels within the network as listed on the website. Simply click each photo/logo and it will link you to their YouTube. Click subscribe! 2. Complete the form on the website when you are complete. You will receive a FREE gold ribbon for non-violence and be entered to win one of the many prizes available for this event. 3. Extra Credit: visit and download the community app. Join our watch party in the OHOE group and be eligible to win even more prizes. Watch the entire schedule of LIVE presentations. Our mission is to uplift humanity. Our gifts in the form of prizes, our channels full of conscious content, and your energy participating with us LIVE is what will shift the globe during this auspicious astrological time. Please visit for the schedule of events, the form, the network and all the important information. A special thank you from Lisa Gunshore @BuddhistBiohacker for participating xOM L~