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The most gently powerful and beautiful tool I have worked with in all of my spiritual work is acknowledging the divine source of which I came into being.

My daily ritual is to wake up and repeat in my head at minimum three times, "I acknowledge the Supreme Source in Me."

If ever I find myself in a spiral of frustration over outward circumstances I do my best to remember to turn inward and repeat this mantra. Working with this mantra changes our internal vibration and takes us immediately out of any mind…

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I Have a Story 

And so do you, Reader. And today our paths meet. And I am here as a gentle voice to assure you that you are loved by the Source of All That Is. How does this help if you are feeling weary? I invite you to open your heart, your hands, to receive this pure love into your personal space, your energy field that you don’t see with your physical eyes, yet it surrounds you, and holds you. And as you allow this pure love to enter into your space, your heart softens, your mind softens, your shoulders relax, your…

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The Grace of an Eagle 

(Photo Credit: Rachel McDermott )


Might I fly with the grace of my eagle friends - wings outstretched in pure knowing the effort put forth to fly is synergistically matched by the wind carrying her on her course.

She is mighty because she is. She is all her creator envisioned. Her accomplishments flow from here - this zero point of being one with creation.

Liquid Love 


What do you know?

Carrier of life,

Liquid Love.


Offer you to a seedling, and a

New Universe expands.

Offer you to a child on a hot summer's day to jump into,

and their delight EXPLODES!

Offer you to a sailing vessel

and it will glide ...



and moving through a treasure trove of 

ancient droplets,


then rained down again, and again, and again 

since the dawn of time.


What do you know?

Liquid Love -

wise and MaGicaL.


My body contains your wonder,

though my hands

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Recent Text Sent from Me to My Best Friend 

I have spent the last two days completely burning my brain out on all the illusion I can’t unsee in practically EVERYTHING being put out from politics (both sides) that spills over into the protests and racist energies spewing.... I found [redacted, well-known name] - seems to be a GAN technology character and that has spilled over into other characters we think are real and now I am seeing evidence they may not be - CGI and GAN tech, skewed (and bought) media coverage pushing agendas, fear, narratives... 

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Love Language of My Father 


I wrote this several weeks ago and was not planning to publicly share it. I am being asked to now and so here it is... May whoever is in need of reading these words, enjoy and be lifted. xo ~ Mary


Love Language of My Father 

Chapter One 

My Dad was not one to be “available” to any of my siblings or myself while on this Earth in this lifetime. His irrationality and emotional immaturity created challenges for each of us in our individual relationships with him, our Mothers, and our family as a…

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Overlapping, Merging & Bending of Realities  

I am experiencing a better understanding of the energetic support from the cosmos presented to humans at present. Many, many individuals have previously gone through this ascension process and are living fully in the New Earth Realm. Many of us are in the middle of the metamorphosis. There is not one way to achieve this or to move through it. We all are so individual that even the subtlest of nuances may be sticking points for some and allow for pure ease of moving through for others. 

I do not even have…

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Trivial Concerns 

I wrote about my broken teapot lid a few days ago. 

I am well aware our entire world is in upheaval. I'm not naive to my broken teapot lid being insignificant compared to these other matters. And as the world as we know it is ending and new beginnings are forming, taking moments to myself for tea ceremony is an important ritual sustaining me through these times. 

The polarity we have existed with on planet Earth is coming to an end of its reign. We are embarking on the transformation into non-duality which…

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Lesson from my Teapot?  

When I offered my prayers of gratitude this morning for the many beautiful gifts my existence is bringing to me daily despite the tensions and strains of the world, I asked for help to see the beauty in every scenario that presents itself to me today. Would I have added, “except for when I accidentally let the lid to my beautiful, and one-month-old teapot that I love so much slip from my fingers and shatter when it hits the floor?” 

Unknowingly I would within one hour watch in slow motion as the delicate…

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