Touched by Spirit

Soiled Dove Underground, 7401 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO

Join world-renowned Psychic Mediums Lisa M Gunshore, Michele Snelling, & Sheryl Cremeens along with world-renowned Musician and Sound Healer Mary Lydia Ryan for an evening of transformation and connection with Spirit. During this special event you will experience profound healing through sound and connect with loved ones who have passed on. Raise your frequency as you receive messages from the Sacred Council of Light and your very own spirit team. Live readings, music, and magick.

Lisa M. Gunshore is a Shaman, Author and Founder of the ajatakasa Institute and social community. She is a natural mystic and has had a deep connection to Spirit since she was a small child. For 15 years Lisa has shared her insight with clients around the globe to assist in transformation. Her work as the Host of Buddhist Biohacker and One Heart One Earth is her greatest passion and mission vehicle. Lisa’s work is an extension of her vows taken with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. She advocates non-violence and the practice of compassion. As a Functional Ayurveda Coach and Medium, Lisa supports the healing of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies through the teachings of genetic transformation and ancestral healing. Her practice is solely focused on supporting YOU, to remember your mission, heal yourself, and blossom into the fullness of Self.

Michele Snelling is a psychic medium, a spiritual coach & creator/owner of a line of intuitively created essential oil and salt products. Michele has been intuitive her whole life and it is her purpose to share these gifts with whomever desires, offering them a better understanding of who they are and the path that is connected to their Higher Truth. Her intention is to provide guidance, insight and tools to enable those she works with to remember their authentic self, to find the joy they are longing for and to live the life of their dreams.

Mary Lydia Ryan, vocalist, pianist, composer, creator of Spa Opera®, utilizes her mystical and spiritual gifts to support, uplift and encourage the unique magnificence in every individual to be called forth. As seen and heard on Seattle and worldwide stages: TEDx, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, One World Music Radio, Sirius XM Spa channel, Mindful Music Association, Sound Healers Association (to name a few), Mary has developed individual and group sound transmission sessions to support healing, awakening, and ascension. Truly, Mary’s music will transport you to the higher realms.

Sheryl Cremeens is a certified herbalist and a spiritual guide. Our whole being is interconnected, Body, Mind, and Spirit. Sheryl uses herbalism and holistic means to help with physical and mental issues, and she offers Spiritual readings through tarot to connect with Spirit to offer guidance through life's changes.