Ring of Fire Solstice Activation

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Zoom Workshop

Power. Trust. Activation. Magick. Love.

Join our Starseed Collective in this special Ring of Fire Activation Workshop. Lisa M Gunshore, Mary Lydia Ryan, Michele Snelling, Karoliina Hellen, and Claire Caswell join forces to activate the energies of the Divine Feminine, the Tree of Life, the Christ Consciousness, and the 144 Crystalline Grid in this 2-hour event.

Where we'll meet: June 21, 2021 Solstice & Jupiter Retrograde 10am-Noon Mountain Daylight Time Zoom LIVE with replay for attendees

What we'll experience: Claire Caswell - White Buffalo Calf Woman Prayers and Ritual Mary Lydia Ryan - Nexus Energy Activation Michele Snelling - Tree of Life and Power Activation Lisa M Gunshore - Transmission from Sacred Council and Gridwork Karoliina Hellen - Light Code Activation