Spa Opera® by Mary Lydia Ryan at the Ballard Art Walk!

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Ballard Art Walk, 1900 NW Dock Pl, Seattle

Mary Lydia's Spa Opera® has been invited to join March's Ballard Art Walk from the lovely Hanson Building facing Ballard Avenue, with entrance to 2nd floor, Suite #2 located at 1900 NW Dock Pl.

Mary Lydia has created a luscious sound bathing experience weaving her vocals, keys, tuning forks and chimes into a pleasing sensory feast.

The multi-faceted musical Mary is a Seattle based singer-songwriter, pianist, composer, sound healing artist bringing music, sound, frequencies and delicious morsels to eat and partake of leaving visitors renewed, relaxed, uplifted and filled.

If your interest is piqued and you're not sure what this all means, please stop in on Saturday, March 14th - 2nd floor, Suite #2, of the Hanson Building, entrance found at 1900 NW Dock Pl to discover for yourself what Mary Lydia has created.