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Highway to Healing Podcast

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Have you ever wondered how some people go through tragedy or obstacles and use that experience for good? Overcoming challenges or darkness, to now embrace their own healing and that of others? Join host, Dallisa Hocking, as she shares real stories that will inspire you.

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Buddhist Biohacker Diamond Beauties Interview


Lisa M Gunshore of Buddhist Biohacker and the Ajatakasa Institute / Community has selected 33, in her words, "Diamond Beauties" to be highlighted this year as share our unique work with the world. Thank you, Lisa. YOU are a true Diamond Beauty, yourself! Come join the conversation and then meet us in the free Ajatakasa app (downloadable through the App Store or Google Play.) Our community is growing exponentially, filled with love and encouragement to all on our path of shadow work and building the New Earth reality.

One Heart One Earth

One Heart One Earth

I will be sharing what I do as a Sound Healer practitioner, and speaking about my healing creation, "Spa Opera." Join us for this short interview from 1:15 - 1:30 pm, MST.