Trivial Concerns

I wrote about my broken teapot lid a few days ago. 

I am well aware our entire world is in upheaval. I'm not naive to my broken teapot lid being insignificant compared to these other matters. And as the world as we know it is ending and new beginnings are forming, taking moments to myself for tea ceremony is an important ritual sustaining me through these times. 

The polarity we have existed with on planet Earth is coming to an end of its reign. We are embarking on the transformation into non-duality which can only force all density to the surface, light, in front of us to see. All whose eyes have been closed for thousands of years, lifetimes after lifetimes, are either waking up to the truths on their own accord or will soon be forced to look at these truths very, very soon as the dark forces no longer will have any shadows to hide in whatsoever. 

Our New Earth awaits us. I’ve felt Her. I’ve seen glimpses of Her. She is lovely. She is pure Goddess energy. She will sustain us, hold us, allow us the freedom and joy we are starving for. 

May we protect Her and give back to her our respect and love unlike we have done to our current planetary Mother. 

Her spirit is ascending, expanding to the New Earth grid with us. She will not have to be forgotten or abandoned. 

May we seek to live in harmony and grace with our Mother Earth that provides all that we need; us giving back to Her as she feeds us, provides us comfort and beauty. May we not be tricked into believing man or woman owns planet Earth and must sell us seeds and land to live on, resources to be raped and stolen from our Mother. 

Our New Earth Realm holds new colours for us to behold, new flavors in berries and nuts and teas we will marvel at, clear, pristine waters we will not want to tarnish, animals we will want to live in harmony with… 

As we live in our heart space we each will be carried with ease into our new home. Our eyes will not deceive us. We will live in unity consciousness, peace, and harmony. 

We are so close. 

May we feel our hearts expanding in love. May we breathe in relief and forgiveness, and exhale all energy that is old and no longer serving us. This is how we arrive at our new homeland, our shimmering, glorious, magical New Earth Home.

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  • Anett
    Anett Vietnam
    Why don't you write any more? We need the light especially in the darkness now..

    Why don't you write any more? We need the light especially in the darkness now..

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