The Rose Gold Flame

This sigil is encoded with energy from ancient times to support us through this time of the ascension process. These are three of my personal renditions of the Rose Gold Flame as I see it in my mind's eye. Refer to this image for grounding, healing energy, and spiritual support while maneuvering through these times.

I encourage you to invoke the Rose Gold Flame into the core of your energy, or into the core of anything you are wanting to heal, and ask it to burn through, to transmute all energy that is not serving your higher purpose (or others you are sending healing to,) into positive energy that will serve your higher purpose (and for others, likewise.)

I have been invoking this flame into the core of updated technology in my city, in other cities around the country, and around the globe, that have been put in place for the purpose of not serving our higher good. Invoking it to transmute the energy into positive energy for our higher good allows for a flow and non-resistance.


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