Overlapping, Merging & Bending of Realities 

I am experiencing a better understanding of the energetic support from the cosmos presented to humans at present. Many, many individuals have previously gone through this ascension process and are living fully in the New Earth Realm. Many of us are in the middle of the metamorphosis. There is not one way to achieve this or to move through it. We all are so individual that even the subtlest of nuances may be sticking points for some and allow for pure ease of moving through for others. 

I do not even have the words to describe what is happening. I have feelings, the urges, the pushes, the nudges, the waves of energies and realizations continually that are shaping me and assisting my movement into a new way of being as well as into an actual new realm and reality that is by far less dense and so much more joy and love-filled. 

We are all being presented with this opportunity and passage that is not death, but the ability to take our physical bodies with us into a different reality. 

My understanding is that we all have the option to evolve in this way, though many are choosing a different course than individual and collective ascension at this time and will depart their physical bodies and identities as we know them here and will continue their soul evolution through other experiences, not in their current physical human form. 

I am experiencing subtle energies more palpably these days. In previous years and times, I have played with these subtle energies as a musician - molding them and shaping them into a form from the perspective of a piano or keyboard and my vocal cords. These are the same energies I interact with when I am offering healing work to individuals. 

Dream state and waking state are melding into more of the same stream of consciousness. I am able to lucidly experience my dreams and as I wake, literally becoming aware my eyes are open and I am seeing my usual reality here in my home and with my family, my dreams are continuing to flow simultaneously frequently now. 

The symbolism brought to me in my dreams, as well as that magical hour between dreaming and being fully awake, have increased in number and importance to understand. 

I have made it a regular practice (since covid hit) to get out into nature for longer stretches of time and more frequent visits (this is my daily ritual now as opposed to fitting these visits into my busy schedule as a Mom and musician.) 

There is no going back for me on the amount of time I am communing with nature. This has been the greatest key in my spiritual expansion over the past few months. I am eternally grateful. My priority has been to become one with the natural world when I am out in quiet solitude with the birds, the trees, the water,  the obvious elements and creatures I can see and hear readily. Then as I sit in quiet contemplation my surroundings expand to show me the finer detail of life and creatures and magical elements I would have missed otherwise. 

My body, my spirit, my senses have expanded in feeling one with Mother Earth and her natural elements and way of being. My ancient knowings and wisdom are coming up, then through me to utilize as my tools for continuing my ascension path. 

This is a different way of learning than how we are taught in 3D Earth - to observe and to take in information being spoken to us or shown us. 

I trust Mother Earth and the natural world and spirit to open my heart and mind’s eye to remembering and knowing. 

The magical experiences I am encountering are daily and enriching and reassuring as the world is at so much unrest. And yet, I am being cradled literally in God’s calming hand in my daily communions. Here there is no unrest. Here there is peace and awakening and growth of mind and spirit and connection to God Source Energy I have no need to look elsewhere for answers. I am seeing, hearing, feeling, and bubbling up with the answers both fresh as well as my ancient knowing coming up as if from Mother Earth herself, into my core and center and guiding me from here. 

This is what sovereignty of being is. 

We each have our right to sovereignty and personal enlightenment and connection to God Source Energy. This happens internally. We have the ability and choice to remain connected to God Source Energy twenty-four/seven in this way. We truly have nothing to doubt or fear. 

In regard to overlapping, bending, and merging of realities… as I continue to commune with nature with the intent to become one with the natural world, including the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether, I do in fact merge with them. I set this intention and I allow it. It is quite a simple process. Mother Nature is so willing to pull us in under her wings and elements. 

I am now on a regular basis experiencing what feel and look like folds or the folding back of my reality and peering into almost but not quite the same reality. I am moving with greater ease in and out of these overlapping realities and dimensions without focusing on this per se - this is just happening. I notice the choppiness or difficulty arises moving in and out of these moments when I resist allowing myself to expand, stretch my beliefs; when I am holding on to my beliefs out of stubbornness or fear I add this wedge of resistance. 

I am seeing and trusting I am well off to allow my beliefs to fall. This is not the same as letting go of morals. I am referring to the programming and structures I bought into that are not heart-based truths. We each know on a soul level what these things are and aren’t. 

My heart is my God Source connection, breath and knowing of all that is, including my personal connection and expansion to my loved ones past, present, and future. 

As I center and ground daily with the natural world, continue to center and ground in my heart which is love and harmony and move about my life from this point all is perfect. 

Moving through, and to, and in and out of new realities to play in happens with ease and grace. 

May you find similarly as you play and explore and trust and follow your knowing coming up and through you from ancient times… 

Go in love and heart-centered living. 

~ Mary Lydia

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