Liquid Love


What do you know?

Carrier of life,

Liquid Love.


Offer you to a seedling, and a

New Universe expands.

Offer you to a child on a hot summer's day to jump into,

and their delight EXPLODES!

Offer you to a sailing vessel

and it will glide ...



and moving through a treasure trove of 

ancient droplets,


then rained down again, and again, and again 

since the dawn of time.


What do you know?

Liquid Love -

wise and MaGicaL.


My body contains your wonder,

though my hands cannot hold you.

You hold creatures and microbes of 

greatest and minutest of

size and imagination.

And as I give you my back facing body

and full trust,

you will  f l o a t  me.

When I offer my hands to hold you,

you quickly disappear

between my fingers.


My vessel contains more of you

than any other substance that 

makes me,


Though it seems you can continue existing

as you always have done -

without me.



What do you know?

Carrier of life,

Liquid Love.


© Mary Lydia Ryan 2020









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