Lesson from my Teapot? 

When I offered my prayers of gratitude this morning for the many beautiful gifts my existence is bringing to me daily despite the tensions and strains of the world, I asked for help to see the beauty in every scenario that presents itself to me today. Would I have added, “except for when I accidentally let the lid to my beautiful, and one-month-old teapot that I love so much slip from my fingers and shatter when it hits the floor?” 

Unknowingly I would within one hour watch in slow motion as the delicate little lid slipped out of my fingers and shatter before my eyes, just after I finished pouring the hot water over my favorite black tea, into the recently gifted tea set that I adore. I asked with sincere intent this morning to be able to recognize the beauty in every situation today brings. 

Of course, I shed tears. Grieving certainly is in order. 

The thought of repurposing the salvageable chunks that didn’t smash into smithereens into an art project has crossed my mind. 

I do not have a final vision of what comes next with the shattered chunks I have held aside. 

I am sitting here writing in between pouring my Oatley, adding a little coconut sugar, then pouring my Yorkshire Gold (lovely British tea) from my sweet teapot missing its cover, into my beautiful teacup, then sipping and savoring and appreciating the flavor, the aroma, its sweetness and perfect assimilation with the milky creaminess hitting my tastebuds. 

I find my taste sensations are just as delightful as they were yesterday when the lid was in perfect condition. 

To be continued or determined? Possibly...


(Pictured above is my lovely tea set before its breakage.)


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