I Have a Story

And so do you, Reader. And today our paths meet. And I am here as a gentle voice to assure you that you are loved by the Source of All That Is. How does this help if you are feeling weary? I invite you to open your heart, your hands, to receive this pure love into your personal space, your energy field that you don’t see with your physical eyes, yet it surrounds you, and holds you. And as you allow this pure love to enter into your space, your heart softens, your mind softens, your shoulders relax, your throat relaxes, your cellular structure opens to this soothing and penetrating warmth of pure light, instantly moving your reality to a state of betterment and peace. As you hold onto this light inside every bit of you, your life immediately is set onto a new course – one of peace and happiness. 

Please trust me. 

This is my story, too.

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