Recent Text Sent from Me to My Best Friend

I have spent the last two days completely burning my brain out on all the illusion I can’t unsee in practically EVERYTHING being put out from politics (both sides) that spills over into the protests and racist energies spewing.... I found [redacted, well-known name] - seems to be a GAN technology character and that has spilled over into other characters we think are real and now I am seeing evidence they may not be - CGI and GAN tech, skewed (and bought) media coverage pushing agendas, fear, narratives... 

Holy Shit! My mind is exploding, bending, melting, and the outcome is my realizing my own zero point field in between all of these “realities” that are out there for me to sit in if I choose, then coming back into my own existence and stillness and connecting back to the natural world and seeing I can move in and out of any of these whenever I want. 

This is seriously astounding.

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