Birthing the New Earth Realm

I’ve been preparing for this time for many years. And still, I have not known what it was going to look like. I have been given little clues of possibilities, yet these have been just that - possibilities. Energy is malleable and fluid. Nothing is set in absolutes. 

I do know that some of the possible scenarios that would have been far more challenging and heart-wrenching are not being played out because of how high the frequency on our planet has become. I am grateful. We are being stretched in this timeline and circumstance “as is.” 

I am quite certain we will see more events play out in the coming months. There are just too many inevitable possibilities as follow up to our world events since the onset of our global pandemic. 

Today I really wanted to scream loudly from my gut. This energy is still swirling inside of me. I MUST find an outlet! I might start running because if I don’t let this out it will not be good for me. (I do not enjoy running as a form of exercise.) ;-) Or I might jump in the lake if the weather warms up a little and swim it off. 

This planetary energy is so BIG and filled with angst, fear, confusion, grief, relief, exhaustion, perplexity, to name a handful of emotions being experienced. I feel all of this bubbling like a gigantic stew. I don’t personally relate to all of these as I have a pretty solid understanding of what is happening on a planetary level, but feeling the gigantic stew is taxing. 

Our human energy is being manipulated and tried so hard by dark forces, yet by divine order, to ascend as a human collective, to be able to walk into our New Earth we have to wake up fully to all we have been allowing and giving consent to for eons. Thankfully so, so many humans are starting to see more clearly how our systems are perpetuating chaos purposefully, and how agreeable we have become to giving our energetic consent away.

I am so looking forward to the achievement of ascension as a human collective, to walking on the New Earth plane. It is the reward for the thousands, and thousands of years many of us have been playing on this planet.

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