The most gently powerful and beautiful tool I have worked with in all of my spiritual work is acknowledging the divine source of which I came into being.

My daily ritual is to wake up and repeat in my head at minimum three times, "I acknowledge the Supreme Source in Me."

If ever I find myself in a spiral of frustration over outward circumstances I do my best to remember to turn inward and repeat this mantra. Working with this mantra changes our internal vibration and takes us immediately out of any mind spin.

Recently, as I have been recognizing light patterns flowing around me, through nature, I also have come to recognize my own personal light patterns. Working in this arena has led me to realize each of our unique light patterns we came into this world with - the clothing underneath our skin is all light, and patterned in individual uniqueness - they are perfection. It's only our forgetting of this perfection that knocks us off of knowing our perfection.

The paradox is, if we recalled our perfection in the years leading up to now we wouldn't have been able to experience the tremendous lessons and soul growth that we do while in this body.

If you are seeking to come back into the knowing, feeling, recognizing your light pattern perfection, I recommend adding the following mantra to your daily tool box:

"I acknowledge My Light Pattern is Perfection."

This will restore your unique Light Pattern to its original flow in God's timing. No worry or defeat or feeling drained is necessary. 

I use these two mantras daily, and as many times during the day as I find myself feeling off or drained or annoyed, or any other thing that may come into play. They have added to the true magic coming into my energy field, my lightness of being, hope, gratitude, deeper love, laughter, the list can go on...

Go play with these. Enjoy the beautiFULL results!!

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