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Tsunami of Love

 Spreading love, compassion and unity... 

What began as an initiative to spread love, compassion and unity to the increasing number of LDS (Mormon) LGBTQIA members and outcasts, has become something a little different following events of November, 2015. Our little community in Seattle comprised of both LGBTQIA individuals and allies came together extending outreach and fellowship and an outpouring of love through various activities and gatherings, including a push (with great success,) for more ally support after inception in 2014. The Hugging Booths at Seattle Pride Festival grew out of this amazing group of individuals. We've been able to share music, celebrations, many laughs and great memories.

Our formal group fizzled out following the devastating news in the Fall of 2015, though we have gone our separate ways continuing outreach to the best of our abilities in our individual lives, reuniting on occasion.

I share the same hope as the other Seattle "Tsunami of Love" participants that humanity will embrace each other, love and serve one another without judgement or fear. 

Please continue to spread love and unity wherever you are in the world... 

 From Seattle, with love, 

~ Your Tsunami of Love family 

Mary Lydia's Current Events

  • August 25, 2018
    All Pilgrim's Christian Church, Seattle, WA
  • September 2, 2018
    Village Green, Orcas Island, WA
  • November 24, 2018
    Cafe Racer, Seattle, WA

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