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"Mary Lydia Ryan, one of the most genuine, authentic and loving persons I know, is nothing but passionate about the work she does and the gifts she is blessed with. Through her own personal life experiences it is truly her goal to reach out and pay forward the healing that was given to her. My time with her has pulled me out of some of the darkest of my days and gave me tools to a new perspective on how to visualize and live my life. Who knows where I would be today if she and I had not crossed paths."

- Shannon


“In the Fall of 2017 my life felt overwhelming. My eldest had been in an accident and suffered a TBI, my youngest had been physically and emotionally abused by his father to the point of a protection order, and my finances were at an all time low. To be honest, I was living in terror on a daily basis. My fight or flight was activated from the second I woke up to the moment I fell asleep with most nights only getting 4 to 6 hours of sleep.

I know Mary through a mutual friend. We met for tea around the time that all of this intensity was happening in my life. Mary suggested she do energy work for me. I had not ever had energy work to help with an emotional issue before so I was hesitant but with my life being as unmanageable as it was, I said yes. Anything that might help during this transitional phase in life I was willing to try. I contacted our mutual friend to see if she had ever received energy work from Mary. She said she and others she knew had and that it had been a great experience. 

Mary came to my home on a Monday morning. She went to the room I was to have my energy work done in and set things up. There was aroma therapy, a salt lamp, and chimes and a tuning fork. I had no idea what was going to happen next!

I don’t want to go into detail about my personal emotional experience as it is mine for me. What I do want to tell others is that through Mary’s voice and healing hands I was taken on the most amazing journey of healing I have ever experienced. I saw images. I heard messages. I had an overwhelming physical response that brought me to tears more than once. When the experience was finished I was exhausted. It was cathartic.

It has been two months since we had our healing session. My life did not get better over night. It took about 6 weeks before all the fear that had been living with me disappeared. The fear did not go away in just the 3 areas I referenced at the start of this note, it is going away in all areas that it is not immediately needed. To have released and healed my fear has been the greatest healing of my life to date and I attribute it to my musically guided healing session with Mary Lydia Ryan.

Thank You Mary for saving my life!”

- Cindy Anne (;


"One of the things I appreciate the most about Mary, and which lends her even more credibility as an intuitive practitioner, is that she has the integrity to strive to be the clearest channel she can.  If she's unsure about whether the guidance she's getting is colored by her own filters, she'll readily share that, which empowers her clients to use their own intuition.  Her desire to be truthful and humble actually makes her even more spot-on and accurate than most of the readings I receive from others.  She is a true Empath."

- Eryn Defoort (


"Mary has a gift. She combines an innate understanding of the meditative journey with the power of music to assist her audience to let go of the cares of their conscious mind. The experience she creates allows participants to relax into another world where color, aroma, sound and the imagination become a gateway to healing. The evening will give you a little window into what your own personal Utopia feels like - thus giving you just enough fuel and hope to continue soldiering on in this Reality.   I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'll come back every chance I can get."

- Eryn Defoort (


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