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I Am Mary Lydia Ryan


 I have been undergoing an overhaul, remodeling project, refining process for several years. In 2006 I reached the lowest of the lowest point in my life as Mary Lydia Ryan. I was physically drained, emotionally depleted and void of hope or trust that I held within myself what I needed to continue on. 

 In the midst of carrying out a carefully orchestrated and ritualistic in nature suicide, I was interrupted. 

 I had set aside all spirituality from my life many years previous to this moment. Yet at this moment of interruption I was startled by the circumstance and way in which I was being interrupted - abruptly and lovingly from what I knew of “spirit;” an unseen energy hovering over me and gently coaxing me to change my mind, letting me know I was not as alone as I perceived I was.

 I felt a physical shift happen inside of me. In becoming cognizant of myself again I gasped at the realization of what a mistake this would be for me to carry out my plan. I gathered myself together enough to make a phone call for help.

 I may in some future writing go into greater detail of this event, though I do not feel it necessary to do so in this piece. What is important for me to touch on is this moment of shifting in my existence. My life started over in this very instance. 

 Today is December 4th, 2015. What has transpired in my life since my reset in 2006 is beyond wild and quite incredible. Let me clarify: this has NOT been an easy ride. It HAS been brilliantly amazing, wicked, intense, incredibly beautiful and rejuvenating, heart-wrenching, devastating, reassuring, magical, icky, terrifying, gentle and peaceful and everything in between and inside and out of what I have listed above. 

 My life is music, love, basking in joy while maneuvering through the denser, less desirable of experiences. I will be opening up and sharing much of where I have been and what I’ve been learning. 

 I feel that a huge chunk of my being on this planet is to share these experiences just as much as it is for me to create and share the music that I do.

 Just shy of ten years celebrating my “new” life, I begin with this introduction. I have much to tell.

 I will begin with my, “coming out.” I believe in faeries, nature elementals, angels, unicorns, dragons and galactic entities and cosmos interacting with us, encouraging us and cheering humanity on as we reside on planet Earth creating a bright and incredible existence, extinguishing the darkness we are seeing playing out alongside us. 

 I will not tire in sharing what I’ve come to know and continue to discover about love. It IS changing the world. Any one of us can choose to climb aboard this train this very instance! This is the very power, force, energy, frequency that has given me new life.

 I Am Mary Lydia Ryan. I am on this planet to be and share my music, love and experiences. I leave you with this piece I composed a few years ago which you may or may not have already listened to. This is, “Moving in Grace,” my title track to my solo piano album released in January of 2015, and one I consider to be my umbrella soundtrack to several additional compositions from my life since 2006 as I chose to live differently, more fully, and more authentically. Enjoy… Moving in Grace

Mary Lydia's Current Events

  • August 25, 2018
    All Pilgrim's Christian Church, Seattle, WA
  • September 2, 2018
    Village Green, Orcas Island, WA
  • November 24, 2018
    Cafe Racer, Seattle, WA

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