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HaPpY Year of the Monkey!!

This year. Off and RUNNING!! It is beautiful... the opportunities musically opening up. I've been busy enough composing, practicing and preparing for the next few months that I haven't mentioned at my home site how SPLENDID Costa Mesa was with Whisperings Solo Piano Radio All Star Events concert.

My weekend spent with the Whisperings artists was like walking into a family reunion. The concert was just the icing on the cake. Please treat yourself by tuning in and discovering, soaking up this gorgeous music from these beautiful soulful artists. Your zen will thank you: Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.

Though my album, "Moving in Grace" did not bring home the prize, I was honored and elated to share the stage with talent I have admired for many years, others I was able to meet and hear for the first time. For my first solo piano endeavor I am certainly pleased and again, honored, that "Moving in Grace" made it to the top 6 finalist tier. 

Pandora Radio just picked "Moving in Grace" up for rotation. I'll keep you abreast of when it's live.

I have several March shows AND then I'm off to Sedona, AZ once again to begin recording my sophomore solo piano album. Though I anticipate its release this fall I will have half recorded so I can relax a little again while I compose the remainder of pieces. Don't you worry - I have a couple of vocal pieces I am taking to the studio as well.

Thank you for your tremendous support of my art, my music, my soul. It's such a vulnerable, gratifying road - this of a musician. I'm finding new depths within myself to create from. I find tremendous joy in sharing with you.

Performing "Moving in Grace." Photo courtesy of Doug Hammer.

Rachel Currea, Michael Logozar, Zachary Bruno, Me :-) Photo courtesy of Doug Hammer.

 The Whisperings Artists in attendance (does not represent the myriad of them all, but still a fine gathering.) Photo courtesy of Doug Hammer.

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