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HaPpY HoLiDAy Season 2015!!

Photo credit: Halo Child,  See Through Halo's Eyes

Happy Holiday Season, 2015!

I am envisioning and wishing upon each individual on this planet a peaceful holiday season of which you partake, surrounded by love and security, warmth and happiness.

I invite any and all to join with me and the growing thousands upon this planet meditating and holding space for the expansion of love and unity, no more separation of any human regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, illness, or clarity of health or mind.

May we unite in spirit and heart, let anger and bitterness fall away, judgement, slandering of anyone, breathe in the peace of simply being alive. Isn’t this enough to rejoice in? Everything else can just fall away...

Peace be with you. 

~ Mary Lydia Ryan

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