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My life as an artist, a creator, and visionary has brought much beauty, while taking me along a journey into depths of darkness and despair at times. I've been able to recognize my empathic traits and gifts along this journey and have deliberately turned back to a happier, calmer state of equilibrium utilizing these tools. I have also found tremendous joy in assisting others through their journeying back to equilibrium. 


I encourage you to explore the next few pages, read the testimonials posted, consider booking one or more of the sessions I offer to assist you in your own journey back to equilibrium.


You are in a safe space here. You are in loving, gentle hands supporting you in returning to your core wisdom and magnificence.



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"Beautiful Brother" with David Johnson

Download "Live from Ryan "Henry" Ward's Birthday"

Micro Sampler, Georgetown Steam Plant

"A Song About Sea Turtles" Live from Piano Haven

"Love Me" from Ryan Henry Ward's Bday Extravaganza

Whisperings All Star Concert 2019

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