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Mary Lydia Ryan - Vocals, Keys, Music, Imagination

Mary Lydia Ryan, vocalist, pianist, composer is living out her dream of bringing all she loves most to the forefront of her musical endeavors. 


Having resurfaced musically in 2010 following a decade - plus hiatus, Ryan has been active composing, recording, and performing with a different focus than in her previous musical incarnation: to simply enjoy creating and sharing what’s in her heart.


Much of Ryan’s success since 2010 has occurred accidentally (not accidentally?) Momentum began with her "Sunshine & Second Chances" mostly vocal album with highlights of her solo piano work that lead to her full length solo piano album, "Moving in Grace." This recording landed in the hands of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio and was nominated for “Album of the Year".


What has followed is a steady stream of performances, additional compositions and recordings (including her new release of solo piano compositions "Little Red Boat"), the invitation to act as “Musical Host” with all her original music providing pre, postlude and interstitials at TEDx Seattle in 2017, then to be invited back for a second year at TEDx Seattle 2018 under the same title. 


Added to Mary’s musical ambitions is her new creative endeavor, Spa Opera®. Ryan has comprised elements of quiet, meditative, spa essences and added them to live musical productions while tapping into a magical array of Seattle artisans to share the stage with. Ryan believes that magic and wonder reside in every human and strives to rejuvenate these aspects in all who attend each of her Spa Opera® experiences. 


You can read the most recent Spa Opera® review to have been submitted November 1, 2018:


If you have not been in the presence of Mary Lydia's magically healing gifts, then I suggest you move quickly, as empty spots fill up fast.  Whether she is conducting a private Sound Healing session or a public "Sound/Sense Extravaganza" ("Smorgasbord"?"Melange"? "Alchemical Transformational Conspiracy"??), it will most likely be enigmatically delicious in a most delightful way.


Mary Lydia's pure talent is truly impressive - vocal beauty, musicianship and true songwriting flair, but what I loved about her performance of Spa Opera, "The Wood Elves Serenade" is that it showcased her ability to gather a really special group of Artists and generously share the spotlight and celebrate each of them in turn.


And there was CAKE.  amazing CAKE.


Many people use the word "Enchanting" to describe a performance, but for me it is a rare occurrence to see someone really achieve that mood/aesthetic/magic.  Mary Lydia crafted an evening in which it really was possible to allow one's self to be transported

into a more innocent, heartfelt and curious place, without having to take the dreaded detour into "Schmaltz-Land". Such a unique and remarkable adventure, there truly were moments I doubt I'll ever forget!

- Sherry S. (Seattle)


"Beautiful Brother" with David Johnson

Whisperings All Star Concert 2019

Live at Piano Haven 2016 "Anastasia"

Mary Lydia's Current Events

  • September 19, 2019
    Enlightened Piano Radio Concert and Awards Ceremony, Montreal
  • November 6, 2019
    The Houseboat Concert Series Presents:, Seattle, WA
  • November 23, 2019
    TEDx Seattle, Seattle, WA

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