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Mary Lydia Ryan - Vocals, Keys, Music, Imagination

Mary Lydia Ryan, vocalist, songwriter, composer and performer, has been developing her artistry from a young age. Her public performances began at two and a half years old and continued through her youth in a musical act comprised of her Mother, two older sisters and an older brother. Her talents for arranging and composing at the piano developed right alongside her public appearances during these years.

Through adolescence and the rigidity of classical musical training Mary had excelled in, she returned to her love of individual composition, though somewhat quietly. By her mid-twenties she found enough confidence in her own art to dive into pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter.

Two full length albums and a limited edition EP were produced and marketed by 2004 (Mary Lydia Ryan, 1996; Diaphanous, 1999;  Limited Edition MLR, 2004.) Mary was actively touring and performing a Northwest Loop between Seattle, WA up to Vancouver, BC, over to Montana, Idaho, Utah, Northern California and Oregon. In 2001 she entered Motherhood and had a second child in 2003. While enjoying life as a Mother she found small gaps for more writing and occasional live performances.

By 2010, and coming out of major life changes and events, Mary was back in the studio recording her third full length album, Sunshine & Second Chances, released in the Fall of 2011. Her first solo piano endeavor, Moving in Grace followed in 2015 and landed in the hands of Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.
Moving in Grace made the final and top six tier nominations for Album of the Year in 2015 with Whisperings. Though it did not take the title of best album, the nomination was an honor graciously received and indication Mary should continue her endeavors in this genre.

Elated by the success of Moving in Grace, she has followed this recording up with a sophomore piano album, Little Red Boat available for purchase beginning November 1st, 2018. "This latest project has been a joy and an incredibly deep journey to embark on. In between completing my compositions for this album I have been enjoying a year of presenting many live shows, some involving traveling between Seattle and Sedona, Austin, Orcas Island and back, many of which are shared with some of these Whisperings artists, others are highlighting my work as a vocalist, accompanied by bassist Trent Wagner that I adore working with."

A side project Mary was passionately engaged in throughout 2014-2015 in addition to Moving in Grace is her vocal EP, Where Can I Leave My Heart. This effort was accompaniment to her humanitarian, “Tsunami of Love” initiative she and several other Seattleites of the LDS LGBTQIA community had organized. Mary’s mostly original songs made up this album aside from her rendition and adaptation of Elton John’s, “Your Song.” It’s release was in March of 2015 at an elegant and memorable celebration in the art studio of Seattle’s own internationally recognized artist, Steve Jensen, on Capitol Hill.

Outside of actively composing and singing, Mary continues to mentor individuals in breaking through barriers that inhibit creativity and daily living using mindfulness, meditative and energy clearing techniques. She is expanding this practice at present to reach a wider network of creatives that are feeling hindered in their endeavors.

“My passion for this work runs deep as I have spent my lifetime working through blockages and barriers and finding grounding and healing with and through my creativity, though many times in the past I wanted to run completely away from the gifts and talents I’ve known I possess. I thoroughly enjoy bringing some light into other individual’s lives and seeing them lose their old beliefs and step into their magnificence.”

Mary Lydia Ryan resides in Seattle, WA with her adored family, enjoying a sweet life in a floating home on beautiful Lake Union.

Mary Lydia's Current Events

  • November 24, 2018
    Cafe Racer, Seattle, WA

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